Copenhagen Fashion Week 2021

….if you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed I’m not a massive fan for Copenhagen fashion week. I often think it’s overhyped at this time of the year when there isn’t really much to write about as everyone in fashion is on holiday pre Sept fashion month. I personally think the Asian fashion weeks aside from the main 4 are far more interesting and exciting.  I often equate the street style to that of a Zara look book #zarabasic as too many  influencers look like they are just wearing gifted head to toe without any of their only style placement in the mix along with just a select few taking up all the fashion week squares. But this year emerging from the pandemic, Ill let them have it, I have enjoyed dipping in.  There never really is  much great breaking ground fashion at Copenhagen fashion week, it’s often just a more diffused breakdown of seasons before but I expect there still to be a lot of green around. And Ganni, well that ship sailed 4 seasons ago and it’s not coming back #overhyped. Suffice to say I spotted only one big white collar blouse, they are gone thank god. I did try to tell you this year and last it’s all about the frill collar and the ruff. There is clearly a move away from whimsical romantic fashion persay, #cottagecore subculture fans won’t relent but for the masses (Laura Ashley who BTW is not rare) it’s over or maybe not for the sheep  but it’s all #Queenie now and royal inspiration now as Bridgerton has gone global. Inspiration for fashion going forward in the main is clearly 90s and whatever  Demna #demnagvasalia does …..that’s all. Anyway don’t expect miracles from the street style bug I have included a a few late summer style hacks that you could save for your next outfit  - thanks for reading, all the best Jen