John Galliano: A Study in Redemption and Craft at the 2024 Met Gala

John Galliano: A Study in Redemption and Craft at the 2024 Met Gala

The 2024 Met Gala, themed "Garden of Time," was a blooming spectacle of style. But amidst the florals and vintage vibes, one name stole the spotlight: John Galliano and I for one am totally here for it . The absence of Lagerfeld is truly a void that is still yet to be filled and  can be by no other than Galliano. 

Last night marked a culmination of his work and effort at Margiela, with his designs not just present, but celebrated. The night held particular weight for Galliano, considering the near-universal praise – something that seemed elusive since his 2011 downfall due to antisemitic remarks which cost him Dior. Celebrating Galliano's artistry does come with complexities concerning his transgressions. Notably John has stayed out of the limelight and worked quietly and diligently sharing his work and letting them speak for themself with out the larger and life personal brand offerings of him we were often privy to in his yester years, with his theatrical outfits and runway finale walks.

The gala was a platform for Galliano's signature theatricality and skill, perfectly complementing the whimsical theme all under the auspices of Margiela.  However internet fashion commentators have noted the absence of the quintessential essence Margiela house codes  in the creations, which I have to agree with in some respects and would like to have seen a little more of Margiela but regardless he was 'the best in show'. His creations adorned some of the biggest names: Zendaya who was hosting with JLo donned two Galliano pieces, one from Givenchy and another from Margiela, showcasing his range across time. Bad Bunny and Kim Kardashian also sported his designs, each reflecting his ability to blend intricate details with bold statements. Galliano's approach was a testament to his skill in marrying storytelling with design. Each piece was a narrative, aligning with the Met Gala's tradition of pushing fashion's boundaries as art. Notably, Gwendoline Christie, hosting the Vogue livestream, wore a Maison Margiela Artisanal piece, further emphasizing the house's direction under Galliano and then again the link back to Vogue and Wintour.

Undeniably, Galliano's presence at the Met Gala is impactful and suggests a calculated comeback, orchestrated with the support of fashion's elite. It highlights how fashion manages narratives of redemption and despite his past controversies, the fashion world  remains captivated by his spectacle and artistry Bring it on  - more please John  BRAVA! 


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